Nutrition All-Natural Summer Energy and Hydration from Genuine Health

All-Natural Summer Energy and Hydration from Genuine Health


Genuine Health, the all-natural supplement company turning 30-years-old this year, has two products we are promoting this summer in Sportstats and iRun, Greens+ Extra Energy, in chocolate and vanilla flavours, and Genuine Health Enhanced Hydration Electrolytes + Botanicals. Both of these products we have tested repeatedly—both, also used by Genuine Health Chief Revenue Officer, triathlete Steve Hollingsworth, pictured above, we are happy to endorse. 

“They’re unique products because we merged Eastern practices with modern learnings to make sure we fill in nutrition gaps,” says Joycelyne Lai, an education manager at the Toronto-based company with years of nutritional experience. “At our company, we take a holistic approach to each of our products, so the all-natural ingredients work in concert to ensure every athlete gets the nutrients they need.” 

Unpacking the Greens+ Extra Energy, Canada’s first and top-selling green nutrient, features, among other all-natural ingredients, Kola Nut, Suma Root, Japanese Green Tea and L-Taurine, known to help increase glycolysis in red blood cells. “It’s a great coffee replacement and also works well pre-workout, because it gives you all-day sustainable energy without that crash,” says Lai, who takes hers combined with oat milk and water. “Runners get their antioxidants from the greens and the phytonutrients, natural plant-based compounds that help ensure you feel great all day.” 

DRINK IT IN: The enhanced Hydration from Genuine Health, vegan, tasty and refreshing.

Natural supplements, like the Deep Sleep Genuine Health product I’ve been taking since we first partnered with the brand last summer, are also easy to pick up (or, more importantly, put down). It’s a great product to support restorative sleep, naturally.

The other new product we tested was Enhanced Hydration Electrolytes + Botanicals, which derives its power from magnesium, calcium and potassium, beetroot powder and Melorun, a tasty all-natural melon juice. “Melorun, which we harvest from fields in the south of France, is rich in antioxidants which protect your hard-working muscles and support proper muscle function,” says Lai, which we know are magic words to runners. Electrolytes, says Lai, help the body absorb water, and the beetroot powder promotes blood circulation in the body. The product is akin to Nuun or Gatorade—except it does what those products do, then adds a host of supplementary features at the same price. 

“If you isolate ingredients, you need to consume more of that ingredient to see it resonate,” Lai concludes. “At Genuine Health, what we do is combine ingredients synergistically to work together as a whole. This is the benefit of our products.” 

On Thursday, June 22 at the Healthy Planet in Etobicoke at 1000 Islington Avenue at 6pm, iRun editor Ben Kaplan will lead runners on a 3K jog and then Joycelyne Lai will discuss the Greens+ and Hydration products from Genuine Health. All who attend will receive samples. To RSVP, please click here. For anyone outside Toronto wishing to try these products, use IRUN20 as a discount code at purchase to receive 20% off all products until Dec 31, 2023.