Training Are You All For Capris Or Prefer Full Length Tights?

Are You All For Capris Or Prefer Full Length Tights?


It turns out the length of ones tights is something many of us women feel strongly about.


BY: Karen Kwan

“Personally, I think capris are unflattering and make my legs look short and stumpy,” says Sasha Exeter of “I recently took a poll on my Snapchat and discovered women over 5’7″ all concurred with me and it was the shorter women who love the shorter length. Why? Because capris on women under 5’5″ actually aren’t capris. They become 7/8 length which is actually very flattering,” says the lifestyle blogger.

For my running buddy Shawna Graham who frequently runs with Run to Beer, it depends more on the season. “In the summer I generally wear shorts. I get very warm when I run and my legs are the last to get cold so that’s important when I’m making choices about what to wear. I wear capris as long as I can — usually until it’s freezing outside and then I switch to tights for negative temps.”

For Glow magazine health editor, Lisa Hannam, it’s all about style and waxing. “Cropped pants just aren’t stylish in my opinion,” she says. “And either I’ve waxed my legs, in which case I’ll wear shorts, or I haven’t, and then I’ll wear tights.”

Simone Olivero, style editor at and a member of Parkdale Roadrunners, prefers capris for workouts and full tights for running. “I feel like the capris cut off my circulation when running but like that they’re a bit cooler when you’re in the gym.” She adds, too, that when she wears compression socks running, capris create a weird divide on her leg.

I have to admit, I’m on the fence. While I get that capris can cut off the leg and make them appear shorter, I too appreciate the little bit of cooling off they provide. And I also think a bit of skin showing on the leg helps to tie in the look if your arms are bare (otherwise it can just seem like a lot of fabric covering up your bottom half).

What’s your preference: team capris or team full-length tights?

Karen Kwan is a regular iRun fashion and travel contributor, and you’ll find her running fashion posts every Friday on Instagram. She contributes to a number of publications and you can also follow her travel and running adventures at Health & Swellness.