Racing #AskReid: Coolsaet Chats Boston, Training, and Goals

#AskReid: Coolsaet Chats Boston, Training, and Goals

Image courtesy of New Balance Canada.

Canada’s Reid Coolsaet returned to the marathon last week in Boston, his first time toeing the line at the world’s most famous marathon. In what turned out to be some of the harshest conditions in Boston memory, Coolsaet mustered a top ten finish in his first marathon since Fukuoka in 2016.

Though Reid feels he hung in well for the first 15K, he recalls, “My legs got really cold after 25k and I was not able to run my normal stride. Shortly thereafter I slowly faded off the back of the pack I had been running with. From that point on it was a solo mission.”

In a scenario with which many runners are surely familiar, Reid adds, “My motivation was to simple: keep grinding to the finish line.”

Much like Krista DuChene’s podium finish, Reid says he had no idea of his result until returning to the hotel. The news, “…put a smile on my face right away and put the harsh conditions into perspective.” 

In the days following the race, Reid took the time to chat more about the race, training, and life in a Twitter chat hosted by New Balance Canada. You can see it in full by searching the hashtag #AskReid. Below are some highlights:

On whether a sub-2:10 marathon still matters:

On the crowd support in Boston:


On his race day breakfast:

On another record he has his sights on:


On coming back from injury: