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    Babies are Born to Run


    “Diaper backward spells repaid. Think about it.”
    Marshall McLuhan

    GRANT: Vicky, what would you say is going to be the coolest feature of our new blog?

    VICKY: Good question.  I think it will the interaction with readers.  Is that what you were thinking?

    GRANT: No.

    VICKY: You were thinking about the multimedia aspect.  Putting on podcasts, vodcasts, chat sessions?

    GRANT: No, not that.

    VICKY: Hmmm, oh yeah, interviews with authors and athletes.

    GRANT: No, not that either.

    VICKY: Reading inspiring stories and great literature?

    GRANT: No.

    VICKY: Our hilarious back and forth banter and unique writing style?

    GRANT: Good one, but no not that.

    VICKY:  I give up then because this is becoming really stupid.

    GRANT: Okay I’ll tell you.  I think what is going to be incredibly awesome about this blog is cutting and pasting our heads on other people’s bodies.

    Born to Run

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