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    Today I went out for a run, and visited my old nemesis, the Pretoria Bridge (see previous post). I sure taught that nasty landmark a lesson.

    It was a fantastic run. I went for about 13km in 69 minutes. It was one of the best runs I have ever done.

    That’s just the way the sport is: UP and DOWN. DOWN and UP. HIGHS and LOWS.

    Running is a cruel mistress. It will kick you in the sensitive areas one day, and then turn around and treat you like a King the next.

    It’s all part of the long and increasingly bizarre journey to May 24th.

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    A new runner, 24-year-old Dennis recently participated in the 10k Festival City Run in Stratford, ON. While the distance seemed rather long (“First, let me just point out that 10 kilometres is 10,000 metres.”) and his chest felt “like a volcano” at the end of the race, he maintains that he actually enjoyed his first-ever, long-distance run. When he’s not working on Parliament Hill, Dennis is now busy training for the Ottawa Marathon – an ambitious goal for a newbie. He has even joined the ranks of those “crazy” and “insane” people who bundle up to run in sub-zero temperatures. Now that’s dedication!