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    bad running week and weekend


     ran Wednesday last week. one day. that’s it. played 50 mins of soccer and 50 mins of hockey. made it to the gym twice (?) to do abs and some cardio.  definitely not a good running week or weekend. bailed on the long run b/c of stomach issues but didn’t even get the bike ride done (indoors) that I’d planned as a replacement. feeling a bit disappointed with myself. there’s a 5M on the schedule tonight as well as an 11pm soccer game. getting those done will boost me back up I think.

    made it to the gym this morning. LM and I did the P90X legs and back workout this morning. it was good but a whole lot of lunges! had to trot back across the parking lots afterwards and the legs were already heavy.  the classic sign of a good leg work out. the run tonight might be interesting.

    this weekend I finally got the grocery shopping done and finally had the ingredients on hand to make protein bars. I’m pretty proud of them. they turned out quite well and are yummier than the store bought ones. overall I’d give these 4 out of 5 stars b/c I control the ingredients and they don’t taste remotely of cardboard. ingredient highlights (email me  if you want the full recipe to try): eggs, protein powder, almond butter, peanut butter, chocolate chips, flax seed, wheat germ, rolled oats, yogurt, apple juice and cream cheese. pretty eclectic! here’s the end product:


    one last item of note.
    my cat loves it when ME comes home from his run and has sweaty feet.  she rolls in his sweaty foot prints on the hardwood. it’s pretty funny watching her follow him around but also really gross…


    the Great Tim Horton’s Roll Up The Rim Tally –  hoodie 3 : Tim Horton’s 5


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