at the races “Be thankful for the pain.” The HOKA Marathon Diary

“Be thankful for the pain.” The HOKA Marathon Diary

Wow, I can’t believe it’s September already! Summer, where did you go??
My training is holding strong, but I can’t lie: there are days that the fatigue is starting to show its face. I’m finishing week nine and have six weeks left to go. Consistency, discipline and hard work are all still at the forefront of my brain—just with a little more body fatigue.
I’m still focusing on recovery, sleep and diet as much as I can while working and transitioning my kiddos back to school! Some days I’m beat and in bed by 8:30 p.m., no joke—but that’s what my body needs, so I don’t fight it.
I spent a few days away with some friends and our kids at a family-style rustic cottage and last summer’s me would have taken a few days off, taken it easy, but this year I decided to hold strong with my training and also abstain from alcohol. The training on long country roads was incredibly meditative and I got to really think of the kind of mindset I need for this upcoming marathon.
I need a calm mentality that consists of a ton of positive talk, especially when those negative thoughts come creeping in. Get your mind around the pain coming, embrace it and be grateful for it like they say for your on your way to hitting your fitness goal: Be thankful for the pain!
One of my vacationing-mom-friends asked me why do I train the way I do? I sat with this question on one of my long runs and the answer I came up with was simple, basic in my eyes. I train because I love improving my personal fitness. The process of getting fitter makes me happy, makes me feel strong, and fundamentally fulfilled.
So right now I’m happy, getting a little tired, but happy.
I’ve been working on some fun running playlists for those tough days out there so make sure to check them out on my website if you need some fire under your butt or just some tunes to listen to on your easy runs!
I’ve rambled enough—keep it up, stay healthy, friends, and have fun out there!


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