Mark Sutcliffe: My Running Life …because I can

…because I can


Running is personal, which is why we created the iRun statement.

You see iRun statements rotating at the top of and there’s a different one on the bottom of every page of the January 2009 issue of iRun. It’s a chance for members of iRunNation to express themselves by saying why they run, how they run, who they run for, etc. There are funny iRun statements and serious ones. There are common themes (like iRun because I can or iRun because I am) and unique and personal messages.

I like to browse through the list of iRun statements every few days. I find it inspiring to read them all. Each individual iRun statement is a story. But seeing a list of them gives you a sense of the power of running and what it means to a community of runners.

What’s your iRun statement? Just register at and let iRunNation know.