Training Best 5 Tips for Making Your Shoes Last Longer

Best 5 Tips for Making Your Shoes Last Longer


Last week, we caught up with Dave Korell of New Balance, to talk about the launch of their new shoe line, Fuel. While we had him on the horn, it seemed wise to ask how best to make our running shoes, whatever the brand, last.

“For shoes to last longer, I like to use the acronym SAMS—Size, Amount, Mechanics, and Surface,” says Korell. “A consumer’s stature and mass, the amount of their training, the efficiency of their mechanics and the surface on which they run all play a role in how quickly a shoe breaks down.”

Five Tips for extending the life of shoes:

1 – Rotate pairs every other day. It’s said that two pairs rotated every 48 hrs will last as long as three pairs worn every day consecutively.

2 – Concrete is the hardest surface to run on (e.g., sidewalks).  Running on ashphalt or certainly trails will extend the life of shoe midsoles.

3 – Never wash shoes in a washing machine. The churning of detergent breaks down the shoe’s adhesive glues. Further to that, never dry shoes in a dryer, the heat will break up adhesion.

4 – Keep running shoes for running, separate from every-day wearing shoes. Weight bearing time of any kind accelerates the compression of shoe foams.

5 – Dry out wet shoes from the rain well. Running again in wet shoes will distort the shoe’s last/fit.

“It’s important to highlight that the objective of shoe companies is to enhance the consumer experience so people can get out to enjoy healthy, active living,” says Korell. “We offer different models for different consumer needs. We are all happier if we’re outside and moving.