Training Blaze the Trails with Saucony’s Peregrine 6

Blaze the Trails with Saucony’s Peregrine 6


Along with being a downright edgy looking shoe, find out why the Peregrine 6 set Christa Davidson’s heart aflutter when she took it out of the box.

By: Christa Davidson

The Feel

I first wore this shoe on a snowy road run. The Peregrine is a trail shoe that is promoted as best for trails and grass but I took a shine to it for snowy conditions. I liked it so much in the snow that I wore it to do the Polar Rush obstacle course race at Horseshoe Valley this past winter. The shoe performed well on the loose snow of the turned up trails from the hundreds of runners who passed before me. The Peregrine is light and comfortable but not overly cushiony. Being a trail shoe and not a road shoe, the cushioning comes more form the softer trail surface than it does from the shoe.

The Tech

The Peregrine 6 is a neutral trail shoe featuring Saucony’s EVERUN which is a material that essentially keeps your cushion, cushiony. The upper is a fine netting that is not waterproof but is breathable. Flex film reinforces wear areas of the shoe and the toe has extra reinforcement to help protect against debris. The shoelaces are thick, chunky and flat and stay tied. The pattern on the laces add to the edgy look of the shoe, in my opinion. The outsole is dramatically stunning if you appreciate that kind of thing. It is chunky or lugg-y or boss or bad or whatever hip, street lingo you want to use to describe effective. This outsole digs in and is said not to ‘cake’ up with mud. The offset is 4mm from heel to toe. The weight of the women’s shoe is 8.5 ounces and the men’s is 9.4 ounces. The price tag reads $144.99 and can be found at various shoe retailers.

The Final Kick

Trail running is something I think I will do more of this season. I love a long and winding road, for sure but those roads seem to be getting harder and harder on the joints. We should be diverse in our running portfolios, don’t you think? I will be putting these shoes to work this season on my local trails and if I do make it out to The Northface Endurance Challenge in Collingwood again, this year, the Peregrine 6 will be my shoe of choice.