at the races Celebrating at the Santa 5K

Celebrating at the Santa 5K


By: Elisa McIsaac

Last year I decided that I would try really hard to get into running. I have always been interested in the benefits and even tried running a few times before. But I thought maybe it wasn’t for me since I could barely run a minute without having to stop to catch my breath. I started attempting to run in January 2018 and registered for the 5k Chocolate Race scheduled in May having a goal in mind of finishing my first 5k in under 40 minutes. At first it was really hard. I still could only run about a minute without and then I would have to stop and catch my breath. I started pushing myself by making myself run for two minutes then walk for a minute. One day I went for a run and I ran an entire song. That gave me the motivation I needed. When I started my journey in January 2018 it took me 50 mins to complete a 5k. When I did the Chocolate Race I completed it in 39 mins reaching my goal of finishing in under 40. Since that race I have completed eight 5k races and two 160k virtual challenges. I am officially the runner I always wanted to be

Running means so much to me. It is way more than getting exercise and staying healthy. Running has allowed me to have an outlet to release my stress, collect my thoughts, and to give myself time for me. One of the main things I love about it is that it is a challenge against yourself. There are so many things in life that have us comparing ourselves with others and competing. When I run in a race I don’t worry about the people around me, I focus on me and challenging myself to beat my personal record. It encourages me to be the best person I can be. I also love the high I get from seeing the finish line and hearing my name as I cross it. It is an incredible feeling.

Last year the Burlington Santa 5k fell on my birthday. I love Christmas and usually do something Christmas related for my birthday. I saw the ad for the Santa 5k online and knew it was the perfect way to spend my birthday and a great way to end my first year as a runner. My husband accompanied me on that chilly morning and cheered me on at the finish line. As I approached the finish I was overjoyed with emotion seeing that I beat my personal record, I finished in 33 minutes! There are two medals that I hold dear, my Chocolate Race medal that represents the start of my journey and my Santa 5k medal that represents the end of an amazing year and achieving my personal record.

This year the iRun Santa 5k Burlington race falls the day before my birthday. I am excited to have some early birthday celebrations by attending the race. I am most excited to receive my medal as this one will remind me of the end to another great year of running.

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