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    I am often asked how I got my children interested in running. Well there was no set time or one thing that did it. In fact, we never really tried. It just happened. But we have had to nurture them along the way, helping them through their down times and when they have had a bad run on a hot day or super cold day, it’s a must to do something to keep their spirits up.

    I would never try to force anything on them, but I do try to find all of the positives and help them see the value and rewards of running as a sport and a general active lifestyle. It’s not to trick them, but when you are young, it sometimes seem like be encouraged is like being ‘told’, So it’s something you may on occasion have to tiptoe around because let’s face it, running is not as glamorous to a youngster as other sports are; hockey, baseball or soccer to name a few.Christmas-gift-red-bow

    Now that the holidays are upon us, perhaps a little nudge in the form of a gift would be nice. A new windbreaker or shoes a fancy water bottle maybe or perhaps a new toque and gloves may just inspire them to get out there during the coming colder weather.

    And of course, you have to tag along. No one wants to be sent out into the cold alone! So maybe you’d better grab yourself some new winter apparel as well!

    Vive les enfants!

    P.S. We are still looking for Young iRunners to profile here:

    The Challenge: Are you a young runner, or do you have a child that runs? I am looking to gather some stories for a future article. Whether your child is either just getting into running or really into the sport, either for recreation or competition, I’d love it if you could have them write about how they got started, why they like running and what their future running goals are. And for the adults out there, if you ran in your youth, I’d like to hear form you too. There is no minimum or maximum length for the stories but if it is a child, it should be in their own words and include their age and hometown. Adults, you can leave out the age part if you wish but do note what age you were when you ran as a youth. Some entries may be edited for space purposes.

    Optional: Include a photo, either posing or ‘on the run’ for inclusion on this blog.

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