Nutrition Citizen Science: Runners experiment with Deep Sleep, win $500 in product from...

Citizen Science: Runners experiment with Deep Sleep, win $500 in product from Genuine Health


Deep Sleep is a product from Genuine Health, a Canadian company that makes all-natural science-based supplements and they recently released a sleep aid that they wanted runners to try. BlackToe Running in downtown Toronto is where I train, and we had Michelle Lostracco, a well-known runner and Genuine Health VP explain her product to my crew.

“It’s not a magic pill,” she said, to the nineteen runners who attended our event, all with fall goal races before them. “We just think that if a runner can get 5% better recovery from 5% better sleep, then it will be something a lot of members in our community would want to try.

The Deep Sleep capsules are made from 100mg of Organic Reishi mushrooms, 100mg of Theanine, 50mg of GABA, 50mg of Magnesium and 1.5mg of Melatonin. “The Reishi mushrooms are the star ingredient, and we use the whole mushroom, from the root to the fruit,” says Lauren Hauswirth, Genuine Health’s manager of product development. “The ground mushroom helps adjust stress levels and brings down the cortisone spikes, signalling the brain to tell the body that it’s time to unwind.“

Deep Sleep combines Reishi mushrooms with gentle botanicals and it quiets the brain without disrupting the hormones. It’s a product I’ve been using for months leading up to my goal race this weekend, and, after taking the product for six weeks, this is what the BlackToe runners said. 

“Overall I noticed a big difference,” said Sarah, training for her first marathon. “I tend to not be affected by many things, so I was a bit surprised that I responded so well to these. My smartwatch also noted I had more REM and deep sleep on nights I take the capsules. I also think they make me fall asleep faster.”

80% of respondents said that the Deep Sleep capsules helped them fall asleep faster and 100% of respondents said that their sleep was deeper after taking the Deep Sleep capsules. Of course, not everyone will have these responses. But, of the runners we had test the products, the results were overwhelmingly positive.

Chris, who was also training for a fall marathon, had this response: “I already sleep pretty well, but my watch showed better sleep quality when taking the capsules,” he said, adding that he took two pills while Sarah only took one. (I also take two at a time). 

“I didn’t think there was a change to how I felt in the morning, but maybe I’m too stressed or dependent on caffeine to notice,” said Chris. “I think they really improved my sleep quality and duration with no negative side effects.

None of the runners experienced a brain fog the next day and none of the runners reported feeling less energy after a night trying the Deep Sleep product. Again, these results are not guaranteed. But it could be something worth trying, especially as you begin to plan out your goals for 2023. Sign up for the Genuine Health e-newsletter by November 30 at 12pm EST and you will be automatically entered to win a $500 prize pack! No purchase necessary. To sign up, please click here

Photographs by Koray Salih.