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Cool Fitted Fashion for Runners


Like a lot of us, I wear running clothes oftentimes while not running. Sometimes, it works. But, more often, it’s a really fast way to arrive underdressed for an appointment, even while working in the running industry. Forward With Design, FWD, is a Canadian company that elevates the “athleisure” trend with stylish, comfortable activewear, that is easy to dress up for occasions taking place outside our shoes. Made with recycled and repurposed materials and non-toxic formulas, the company is green, sleek, minimalist and affordable. Available for everyone and in plus-sizes, FWD is a new company we like. Below are some of the clothes I’ve been digging.

A sleek $70 hoodie with no discernible logo, clean lines, and zip pockets, this comfortable, cozy sweatshirt elevates traditional casual gear in a low-key, form-fitting manner. Warning: becomes exceedingly difficult to wear anything else.

Long-sleeved simple grey pullover is soft and plush, embedded both with an anti-wicking and anti-odour finish that makes it a great value at $60.

A long-sleeved cargo green T-shirt is exactly where Forward With Design excels: it looks like something you’ve seen before (or might even have), but it’s cleaner, hipper, fresher.

Forward With Design is a Canadian company that’s fashionable, affordable, and conscious. For more information, see


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