at the races COURONS MTL, producer of the Marathon Beneva de Montréal, has acquired the...

COURONS MTL, producer of the Marathon Beneva de Montréal, has acquired the 21k de Montréal

Montreal, QC, Canada September 24 2023 - Marathon Beneva De Montreal at Stade Olympique Photo: Gary Yee (

Big news in the running world as Courons MTL, producer of the Marathon Beneva de Montréal, has announced the acquisition of the 21K de Montréal, an April event successfully created and produced by the Canada Running Series for over 20 years.

“I loved everything about this race and am extremely excited about continuing on with what runners have come to expect from this event—and adding our own special spices,” says Alex Ratthé, executive producer of the Marathon Beneva de Montreal. “This announcement reflects the popularity of our current running boom and I look forward to continuing to grow the sport we all love.”

The love is apparent in the attention to detail at races by both Canada Running Series, hosting the Under Armour 10K in Toronto this Saturday and the team at MBDM, which also includes Sébastien Arsenault, President and CEO, Courons MTL. Alex Ratthé told iRun that he only sees the number of registered runners participating in races increasing in the years to come and he believes Montreal rightfully earns its place alongside Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa as Canada’s racing meccas in this country.

Ratthé believes the future is bright for our sport and he wants to delight runners of all abilities from all over the country in his beloved hometown of Montreal.

“At the Montreal Marathon, we want 35,000 runners and I can see our events only growing bigger and brighter—better—in the years to come,” Ratthé says. “Canada Running Series has done so much to promote running and racing in this country and we’re pleased to announce our acquisition of the 21K de Montreal. I think this is a big exciting day for everyone who loves our sport.”