No Category selected Day 15 basically a whole day without sunlight

    Day 15 basically a whole day without sunlight


    “Ahhh hey everybody it’s Ray calling from the South Pole Quest team to fill you in on our day, and certainly interesting stories. Something that we haven’t mentioned yet, before to you guys or at least I don’t think we have, is the fact that here in Antarctica we have to keep ourselves completely covered from the the harmful rays of the sun. Because the UV is so strong that anything remotely or slightly exposed will get burned. Ummm we wear special facemasks to protect us from the cold wind but also from the sun, and when the sun reflects off of the ground it can actually burn our lips or roof of our mouth if it is exposed to that sunlight for too long. Fortunately though today we had no sun. We managed 18 nautical miles which … I’m not sure think its around 36.. 35 K. ahhum.. we did it in complete whiteout the entire day. I think in the last hour of the day you know we got some light and mad a mad dash to get a couple of extra miles. Umm very dark day for us, really long hard trudging, still had to keep our faces covered though, because the UV is still there even though you can’t see five feet in front of you, have a great day we’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

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