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    Day 26


    “Hey everybody, it’s Ray calling from the South Pole Quest Team. Ahhhummm.. finished the day in 18.2 miles, nautical miles, in absolutely white out conditions. Probably the most white out conditions we’ve ever had as an matter of fact it’s probably even snowing a little bit. We couldn’t see at all. It was like, it was zero visibility and really bad sastrugi. But on the plus side we’re back in the tent right now and about to sit down and chow down to a huge bowl of pemmican and pasta and butter and bacon, and as you can see in the photo there. that’s how we’re adding calories to our meals right now. Becasue we need to be prepared for the last days. The last days…. yikes that sounds kind of scary. Ahhumm… the final days of the expedition as we head towards 88 degrees. Sooo we will be enjoying our dinner, I hope you guys enjoy you new years and please check in for the blog tomorrow and you’ll hear our plan for 88 degrees. OK bye.”

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