Training Did You Know Raine Maida Is A Runner?

Did You Know Raine Maida Is A Runner?


The leader of Our Lady Peace on Bruce Lee, racing his wife Chantal Kreviazuk and how running gives him “the ultimate creative spark.”

BY: Ben Kaplan

iRun: As a musician with nearly 25 years of performing experience, what do you think has been the fuel for your longevity?

Maida: Evolving, we’re all conscious of trying to always bring fresh thoughts, ideas and experiences in. We’ve never been the type of band to rehash old ideas. Another important component we’ve learned is never forcing something. We used to waste days forcing ideas that ultimately never felt completely authentic. Having the foresight to avoid those situations now is a massive creative relief.

iRun: Take us up to date with everything you’ve got going on and congratulations on selling out Massey Hall.

Maida: We’ve been working on some great new material and the idea to tour with I Mother Earth came up during one of our recording sessions. These two ideas feed off each other and help drive the creative. Everyone, bands, managers, agents, fans are all super hyped for the fall. It’s a great feeling and motivator. We haven’t been this excited to hit the road in years!

iRun: How important is it to keep healthy in an environment not known for its clean living, and what do you do to remain at your best?

Maida: It’s at the top of the list. I don’t function well creatively and as a singer when I don’t keep my health in check. Diet, exercise and mental well­being affect me more now than ever. I try to eat clean, get some cardio in most days and try for eight hours sleep. It’s simple but works.

iRun: You’ve said Bruce Lee was a hero. What is it that you admire about the action star with the incredible abs?

Maida: I admire him for taking the best of three separate disciplines and creating Jeet­Kune­Do. This creative intuitiveness has happened in music, tech and MMA recently. He was truly ahead of his time. His philosophies have stuck with me as well. “Be like water,” such a profound idea. Life is not rigid, it’s fluid and being able to accept and be flexible rather than fight is essential to inner peace.

iRun: We know your wife Chantal Kreviazuk is a big runner and have featured her before in iRun. Do you folks ever run together or is she mainly out there alone with your dog?

Maida: We do in spurts. Depends on schedules and lately it’s been Chantal taking our dog for a run more than me.

iRun: What do you get back from your own running?

Maida: Running for me is my biggest creative spark. Anytime I’m stuck in a lyric or idea a run is almost certain to unblock it. It’s uncanny. Must be something to do with the endorphin release and nature. That rush and the freedom you feel running cures any creative block

iRun: What else keeps you coming back to our sport?

Maida: All you need is a pair of runners and 45 minutes. I’ve gone for runs in most cities that I’ve toured. Great way to get the blood flowing and detox after long flights or bus rides. Bonus is it helps you explore and learn the cities you end up in.

iRun: You’re performing at the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in Montreal and lots of people are excited. Do you approach a crowd of 25,000 runners differently than your typical stadium show? Are runners a breed apart?

Maida: Never played for a crowd of “runners” before. I think runners are generally passionate people so I would imagine that extends to music. Something to be said for Montreal in general as incredible live music fans as well so of course we’re excited.

iRun: Chantal said she loves running to “Apology” by Our Lady Peace. What songs of hers do you love to run to?

Maida: Well… My running playlists are much more rhythm based. Kanye, Sage Francis, TV on The Radio. Still love my wife’s music but time and place.

iRun: Do you listen to music when you run and if so, what are five or so songs that make great running tunes?

Maida: “Wolf like Me,” TV on The Radio, “The Anthem,” Onra, “The Rat,” The Walkmen, “List of Demands,” Saul Williams, “Black Skinhead,” Kanye West.

iRun: What about recommending one of your own songs?

Maida: “Innocent” will get you up a hill, so will “Heavyweight.”

iRun: Finally, give a last word to our readers, folks who admire you and have through the years, and folks that are also runners and will be excited to see you in our magazine: can you give them some motivation as they prepare for their races, be it a 5K, half marathon or marathon this fall?

Maida: Challenges in life are inevitable and most aren’t ones you take on willingly. Competing or running in 5Ks, half marathons or what have you are great litmus tests for your personal perseverance. It parallels creativity in the sense that it’s something you must nurture and build on, it doesn’t just magically happen. The training is the work, no different than the time spent mastering your instrument. Solitary pursuits. The race, like the concert, is the reward and you’ll know if you haven’t put in the work on the day. It’s a sobering realization if you neglected to put in the work.


Raine Maida is performing with Our Lady Peace at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Montreal on September 25. The band crosses Canada with I Mother Earth beginning October 15 in Abbotsford, BC.