Travel ENDURrun- Stage 6- 10 km Time Trial – August 18, 2012

    ENDURrun- Stage 6- 10 km Time Trial – August 18, 2012


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    Having once decided to achieve a certain task, achieve it at all costs. Self confidence of having accomplished a tiresome labor is immense.

    –Thomas A. Bennett


    Stage 6 the 10 km time trial Run as fast as you can? 0r save yourself for the marathon?

    Woke up this morning with some residual soreness and tightness in my calf muscles …where that came from?

    Well this stage course is virtually flat. We are transported to Elmira and we run back to race headquarters.

    We carpooled to the start at  about 7 :30.

    There were 60 runners today (including the Sport, Guest and Relay teams. Lloyd starts us off at  30 second increments based on your finish time from Stage 5.

    Running from Elmira on the highway you can see all the runners ahead of you. Fortunately , no one passed me today.

    Weather was perfect for running today.Compared to the rest of the summer, almost chilly. Clear fresh air.

    It is really nice running in the country. Seeing all the produce and fresh flowers.

    Andrew (Susan M.’s husband) was out today with his kazoo (I guess it is awkward to bike and play his banjo)

    Bob layed down the hammer and stamped his authority on this series by running the 10k  in  around 35 minutes.

    Jackie is still in the lead for the women’s race.

    My finishing time was 51:17 (2011 = 52:20 ; 2010  52:02)

    Ed finished in about 53 minutes and Chris ran 50 minutes, so is now about 15 minutes ahead of me.

    The marathon is the deciding event.

    My marathon times have not been that spectacular so I have no idea where I will be at the closing ceremonies on Sunday. I am in about 23rd or 24th spot.

    The trick is to run within myself and run my own race. There is room to make up times.

    We are going to Lloyd and Julie’s house tonight for the Endurrun social (and maybe a swim).

    Because this is the 10k report it is short,

    Marathon report when I return.

    This course is the same as the half marathon, where it all began 7 days ago. We run the same loop twice..yuk.