at the races EXCLUSIVE: New mental health documentary filmed leading to Around the Bay

EXCLUSIVE: New mental health documentary filmed leading to Around the Bay


I’ve been a runner for over 40 years. I never had the desire to do a marathon. Hell, as I get older, I know my best 5K times are a distant memory.

But, I do have a desire to help others.

As a former news anchor on 900 CHML for 17 years, I was recently named to the CORUS Radio Hamilton, Hall of Fame. I found out a lot was based on my community involvement. In October 2014, I created, then hosted, a four-week series, dealing with mental health, called #WellnessWednesdays. The series won a National Champions of Mental Health Award, which was presented in Ottawa by the Governor General in May, 2015

The show won two other awards. While that was a nice honour, the message I got, from many people, was simply: you have no idea how many people you’ve helped.

When I decided to retire from my radio job, I was left with a question. What next?

I decided to host fundraisers for mental health initiatives. Two shows resulted in $35,000 being raised for charity. In my chats with people, I’ve learned one big fact. We ALL have something we’re dealing with. In most cases, we ask someone “how are you,” without really caring what the answer is. In a lot of cases, it’s problems made worse due to the pandemic.  

I went public with my story of my battle with anxiety, a year and a half ago. At certain points it was so bad, I didn’t want to get off the couch and go for a run. So I wondered: How many other runners are battling something, or, to put it another way, how many people use running to cope with anxiety and depression?

And, ironically, or maybe not, I got an idea on a late October 2023 run. Let’s focus on the benefits of running, physically and mentally. Let’s hear from people who want others to know what they’re going through. The end result is my latest project.

We’ve started production on a powerful, 30-minute documentary that will shine the light on mental health and the benefits of running.

On March 24, 2024, the 130th edition of the Around the Bay Road Race will wind its way through Hamilton and Burlington. Thousands of runners will participate in the oldest road race in North America. Some will run the full 30K, others the 5K. But everyone that day, will be a part of THE HUMAN RACE.

This documentary will follow the lead-up to race day by illustrating how two local charities are involved in mental health initiatives. In addition, viewers will see how a mental health team leader uses running to help with her wellness, and will also meet a successful businesswoman and author who is candid about her struggles with mental illness. She credits running and yoga as reasons she continues to live a productive life.

What do you credit? The sport is incredibly powerful, and I’m pleased to share with you this announcement about my new work.