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    Falling Fast


    Isn’t this time of year amazing? Autumn is my favorite season, bar none. The sun is warm, but the air is cool. Every morning when I look out the window, I swear there’s a few more red leaves on that big tree. After the heat of the summer, fall running is so refreshing.

    After the half I ran in June, I put running on the back burner. There was the triathlon and I focused on biking and swimming. Then through August, I just kind of let things slide. It was hot and most mornings, I had more fun playing in the shaded backyard or with the hose than I would have on the road.

    But now, at the end of September, I’m back to school and my girls are wearing cozy tights under their skirts and woolly sweaters, and it feels like everything has been reinvigorated (which is ironic, since in autumn everything is actually slowly dying).

    I’ve been running again, and felt strong enough after a great 11k last week to commit to a half marathon in February. My daydreams continue, and I’m fairly certain I’ll run my second (and maybe last?) full next fall.

    What about you? Does autumn kick start your running, or do you hunker down in preparation of winter?