No Category selected Friday, September 19, 2008

    Friday, September 19, 2008


    It’s always the first few days after time-off that tend to test any runner’s mind.
    “Am I really as out of shape as I feel right now?” you wonder to yourself … as you push forward through the next run.
    The variable is your general level of fitness. If you were in top form and took some much-needed time off then the answer is no, you are just starting the re-building phase.
    However, if you have been sitting around all summer indulging in a keg-too-many the answer is more likely that you are practically starting over. In either case, the great news is  that you’re starting!

    Today’s workout was the first ass-kicker of the season.
    2x300m <5 min breaks>
    2x200m <3 min breaks>
    2x100m <2 min break>

    My calves were cursing me as it was… before I got the news that we were tackling all this up-tempo ON the track.  Joy!

    Thankfully, ‘Team Carla’ is back together and we’re all apart of what I call: “grouPain’’
    My runs ended up being well-executed and ultimately helped to flush out my muscles!