Nutrition Fuel Your Next Race like a Genuine Health Dad, and Win!

Fuel Your Next Race like a Genuine Health Dad, and Win!


At 40-years old, Steve Hollingsworth, father of three, is busy. While he dreams of qualifying for the Ironman in Kona, he also works as Chief Revenue Officer of Genuine Health, a 30-year-old Canadian company specializing in natural, science-based supplements. Hollingsworth, perhaps more than most, is familiar with a working dad’s time-crunched existence. He has big goals, but also big responsibilities. He says the Genuine Health products he uses helps him maximize both training and fatherhood.    

“There’s always been a balance between three critical areas for me: family, work and personal ambition and athletic challenges, and first and foremost it’s important to be clear about your goals,” says Hollingsworth, who ran his first marathon in Prague in 2007, and has children that are eleven, eight and 5-years-old. “I think when you’re pursuing the idea of ‘performance,’ it has to be done within the context of a time-starved life and then be clear about what you’re willing to have your trade offs be.” 

Some trade offs include sacrificing evening chill time for early morning swims, but very rarely will Hollingsworth trade off on food. He eats what he wants, when he wants, almost as a reward for his training, and he also understands that he runs at a caloric deficiency. To augment what he doesn’t receive from his diet, Hollingsworth takes a range of daily Genuine Health products: Greens+, Advanced Gut Health Probiotics, Omega3+Joy, Clean Collagen and Whey Protein Isolate. He says the combination boosts his immune system and helps him recover quicker from his hard workouts. 

“The thing I love about Genuine Health is the company has always prided itself in ensuring that what goes in the bottle is all-natural,” says Hollingsworth, who will be needing all of his supplements as he has two half Ironmans in the next six weeks in preparation for his Ironman this August in Tremblant. “Every time you workout, you’re tearing your muscles and so I like the Genuine Health supplements because during the recovery phase I build back stronger to go and train again, rest—do my job and take care of my family—and repeat.” 

This Father’s Day, we all know working, busy dads with big goals for the fall and the world on their backs as they try and fit in everything they want for themselves and the people they love. Steve Hollingsworth says he’s able, as often as not, to achieve his goals through keeping everything in moderation (including moderation), resting, training and taking his supplements. 

“If there’s one product I’d recommend for busy dads this Father’s Day, it’s our Greens+ Extra Energy, which takes away that need for a second cup of coffee in the afternoon,” Hollingsworth says. “From a nutritional standpoint, it’s fantastic, and from an energy standpoint, it helps you avoid that mid-afternoon crash.”


This Father’s Day, Hollingsworth convinced Genuine Health to give away five jars of Greens+ Extra Energy. To win the product, tell us in the comments below who’s the busy dad in your life who deserves it, and why. And Happy Father’s Day from Steve, from iRun, and from everyone at Genuine Health—enjoy.

Giveaway open to Canadians only, except those living in Quebec (désolé), no purchase necessary and must be 18 years or older to be nominated to win. iRun will be in contact with the winners directly and never asks for credit card information.   


  1. My dad, Erroll, is the busiest bee and is always on the go. He loves to do strength training, go for long walks, and play golf. He could definitely use Greens+ extra energy to complement his active lifestyle!

  2. My husband Franz is the busy man in our family. He is a runner, cyclist and swimmer but has yet to do a triathlon. He used to be a marathoner but after 6 consecutive years, runs shorter races now. He is the father to our 4 busy teens and young adults. He coaches our son’s competitive hockey team as well as plays in a men’s league at night. His downtime consists of building and detailing bikes or collecting guitars and sometimes playing them. He could definitely use Greens+ from Genuine Health to help repair and restore his body after hard workouts and long cycles.

  3. I really appreciate an article highlighting that dads also deal with complex priorities. Too often we don’t address the care more and more dads are embracing in their homes. We are still a long way from domestic equality but those of us who love being parents and partners do have to make these choices.

  4. Me, after the loss of my daughter in May 2021, I have been extremely busy raising needed money for a counselling centre that deals with mental illness and addiction. All while still trying to be a father to my other 2 children and a husband to my wife. Also working a full time job as a Head Custodian in a elementary school during a pandemic trying to keep 350+ children and staff as safe as possible.

  5. My hubby is a busy dad! He has an active day job, is always present for my children’s sports, takes part in a weekly league and is always willing to take time to play ball with my son. He isn’t training for any races at the moment but he qualifies as an active dad in my books!

  6. My dad deserves a shout-out! Always there for his kids and grandkids, A long distance canoe enthusiast and outdoorsman.

  7. Me! I’m a proud dad of an active 7yr old, and I just turned 40 and ran my first ever full marathon at Ottawa Race Weekend! My son was inspired by the run, so I’ve enrolled both of us in Canada Day Road Races (10k for me, 1k for him). I’d love to try the Greens + product to rejuvenate and energize.

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