Training Gear Up with Reebok’s new PureMove Bra

Gear Up with Reebok’s new PureMove Bra


By Karen Kwan

For any woman who’s ever struggled with having to wear two sportbras to get enough support, has found themselves distracted by discomfort and tugging at a bra during a workout, or experienced chafing thanks to an ill-fitting sport bra, there are new options with innovative designs from Nike (which were unveiled in Toronto at the Nike Brahaus recently), and today Reebok launches in Canada its three-years-in-the-making PureMove Bra.

The bra is designed with Reebok’s proprietary Motion Sense Technology; this technology incorporates Sheer Thickening Fluid (STF), a gel-like solution that is liquid when you are still or moving slowly, but stiffens and solidifies when you’re moving more quickly. It reacts to your body’s shape, the movement of your breasts, and the speed and type of movement of your workout, such that it can be used for both light- and high-impact workouts.

Other features include perforations in the fabric for breathability, a molded front panel and free-cut edges so that the seamless bra (composed of only seven pieces) comfortably molds to your body. Available in 10 unique sizes ranging from XS to XL/XXL helps to ensure you find the exact right fit.

We tried it out at the Reebok Canada event held at Move Fitness in Toronto last week, and found the bra to feature a flattering silhouette and to be comfortable while providing plenty of support in the tabata workout. Note that the fabric feels less elastic compared to most sport bras on the market, which for us made pulling on and off the sport bra proves more of a challenge compared to other bras.

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