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    Gearing up and down


    One last hard week planned by the coach + one blackout in the university kinesiology building = one kind of messed up week.
    Okay, so I’m no math whiz but all the same we still managed to turn up the heat…


    Monday saw us busting our humps with 2 (4 x 250m) the breaks were 4min between the 250s and 8mins between the sets. Out goal time was 40seconds. I was on.

    Wednesday proved interesting, as we had to change venues due to the blackout of the night before. Running a speed practice during public track time at the Field house here in Regina is anything but safe. There were people everywhere! EVERYWHERE!
    2 x 30m
    2 x 50m <4>
    200m <4>
    3 x 150m <4>

    We made it work. And it was the first time in a long time that I heard “that looks great” in reference to my acceleration developments … I tell you, technique sure can be a real challenge … and it’s always nice to know I’m making the right adjustments.

    Tonight, we were told to rock it on our own, whenever we could … Wednesday’s Circuit … done on a Thursday. I have a hunch it will feel about the same …
    It consists of a bunch of medball and physio ball exercises, sprinkled with a few core-strength ones for good measure. My shoulders always hurt the next day after this one.


    Saturday will be our last workout:300m <5> 150m <5> 120m  … before our 7 designated days off!
    These kinds of weeks always evoke that good kind of burn -deep in your arms and legs … then again, doesn’t training to run always!? 

    Stay warm iRun Nation!