Mind and Body Get a Fresh Start On the New Year with Fitbit

    Get a Fresh Start On the New Year with Fitbit


    From the good people at Fitbit comes the Aria 2, a Wi9Fi smart scale that gives you a crystal clear view on your health. Even if you’re not the most tech-savvy (like me) the Aria 2 is as easy to set up as it is to use, and in one step the device measures weight, BMI and body fat percentage. Track your weight can be a good way to stick with your New Year’s resolutions, and what’s even better about the Aria 2 is that you can synch it with your Fitbit watch for an even better understanding of how your physical activity impacts your weight. Plus the Aria 2 is able to keep track of up to eight individual users.

    In the post holiday turkey comma we’re all in, iRun has teamed up with Fitbit for a giveaway of the Fitbit Charge 2. Simply follow iRun on Facebook and Instagram and tell us your New Year’s Fitness Resolution, along with your best tip for making it stick in the comments on either platform. One entry per comment, giveaway entry deadline is December 31st and the winner will be announced January 5.