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    Getting Obstacle Race Ready


    The first three months of the year have come and gone. Is anybody else thinking where did March go? The winter is almost over. The snow is almost off the ground. Come on mother nature we need our spring running season to start!

    By: Robyn Baldwin

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    My first obstacle course race of the season is XMan Toronto on May 7th. That leaves me one month to get ready for the bonanza that is obstacle course racing. Which includes running and being able to throw my body over objects.

    For me getting ready for an obstacle course race require physical and mental preparation. Here is my 10 step checklist that I’ll be working through this month. I’m super excited to be back out on course. I’m training smarter this year. Allowing more time in between races to recover and can’t wait to see what my body can tackle. So without further ado here is how I’m prepping for the fun.

    Physical Checklist

    1. Get three OCR focused workouts, two weight lifting sessions and two to three runs per week.
    2. Get a massage and a chiropractic or physiotherapy appointment one to two weeks prior to race day to ensure I’m treating problems in advance of race day
    3. Eat five to six meals a day and keep my calories fairly high
    4. I eat a low carbohydrate diet normally but will be carb cycling oatmeal and sweet potato into heavier training days including weekends where I get a longer run in.
    5. Get eight hours of sleep every night
    6. Nightly epsom salt baths and ensure I’m taking daily magnesium & BCAA supplements for muscle recovery

    Mental Checklist

    1. Mentally visualize how strong I look racing on course
    2. Go to 1 yoga class a week to ensure I’m treating my body kindly and allow for relaxation
    3. Write down my race affirmation in my journal for what I’ll repeat in my head on course when things get tough. My favourite is “You Are Stronger Than You Think”.
    4. Start a daily meditation practice to decrease my daily stress

    Are you tackling an obstacle course race this year? If so leave a comment below of which one! And find out more about Robyn Baldwin’s running journey.