Training Gift Guide on the Run: Salomon Feature

Gift Guide on the Run: Salomon Feature


Running is beautiful because it requires so little: a decent pair of shoes and some free time and away you go! However, the running world offers loads of bells and whistles to help a runner stay comfortable and (perhaps) get the most from their runs. Also: once some of us start running, we immediately get hooked. Hence the urge to purchase some products. From now until Christmas, iRun editors, running shop owners and iRunNation tell us what they want this year for the holidays—move quick, us runners sure do.  

Store: Salomon

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Lynsey O’Donnell, Assistant Store Manager

 Solomon Pulse Jacket - Mens

Holiday Running Item Pick: Pulse Softshell Jacket

This is a great piece for fall or winter running, with stretch paneling in the back and a vented zipper feature in the front, along with wind proof (and water resistant) material on the front and across the shoulders.

Who is your average customer?
We like to think of ourselves as a mountain sports company – we started in skiwear and have branched out into train running and hiking. We attract all kind of customers – from the really tech-heavy skiers to the novice runner. So it has become very important for us to cater to the people who don’t need the intense-wear in the city.

What is your favourite athletic winter item?

It would definitely be a good mid-layer. A jacket is a jacket for most people, it’s the little details that matter. However, if you’re not layering properly, you’re going to be miserable – whether that be skiing or running.

Do you have any advice for people running outside in the winter?

First of all, if you’re in the city, you know that the state of the sidewalks are slush and lakes, you need to get yourself a good pair of waterproof shoes. Beyond that, just make that you’re layering up – get a good windbreaker – and keep in mind that you are producing your own body heat.


What sport philosophy do you – and Salomon – live by?

Right now our biggest catchphrase is “explore your playground.” Wherever you are, get outside and take a look around. If you’re in the city, don’t just see it as a concrete jungle. There are some awesome parks and trails to explore. If you want to stick to city, try to look for something you haven’t seen before. Have an adventure wherever you are!


  1. My favourite winter running piece is my running turtle-neck for sure! Its lightly fleece lined and had the holes for your thumb to go through. Long enough to tuck in or wear out and covers the low back nicely.

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