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    Goran: Q&A for iRun Magazine



    We are officially two weeks into our Sport Chek ULTIMATE TRAINING PROGRAM! On top of getting everyone prepared for their fall running races (visit we are holding a weekly contest for the chance to win a Fitbit Surge.

    We have enlisted the help of Sport Chek’s National Training Specialist Goran Miletic! He has answered your weekly questioned to keep every on track to achieve your racing goals.

    Remember to use the #MyBetter and #SweatForThis to tell us about your training for your chance to win a Fitbit.

    WEEK #2 Q&A:

    Q: Any tricks for maintaining the program all the way to the end?

    A: find the motivation that works for you. Sometimes scheduling the training is enough mental commitment, but the best way to suffer through long or hard training sessions is to partner with someone. This can be someone that doesn’t run that can help hold you can our table to your goals or someone to suffer through the tough workouts with as a running partner. Find what works for you, but it helps to remember that you chose to do this and nobody but you can make it happen.

    Q: What happens if I miss a few workouts? Is there any way to catch up?

    A: missing a single workout is not a huge deal, but there is no easy way to catch up. Doubling up to make up for a missed workout makes recovery more difficult. Focus on maximizing each workout so you if one is missed, your completed workouts yield the best results. Ultimately, a scheduled training plan is designed to build the fitness and strength to run the race. One missed workout won’t ruin the plan, but it is best to try to complete the training plan in its entirety.

    Q: What’s your best piece of advice for people starting a running program?

    A: running is difficult and can be uncomfortable. Don’t expect that suddenly running stops being challenging after a few weeks of training. Any time you push your body, it takes real effort. That being said, running becomes a kind of mental therapy. Lots of great chemicals are released during and after a run by the body that help to reduce stress and improve general wellness.

    Q: How do you stay motivated during your training program?

    A: for me, it’s music. A favorite song instantly makes me feel faster and helps me push through the workout.

    Q: How much strength training should I be doing?

    A: think of your body like a bank. Running uses muscle, so the more you run, the more you depleted your muscles. Strength training is like a deposit for the muscle bank. No need to squat hundreds of pounds, but strength training and stretching improves muscle performance.