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    Great Last Minute Stocking Stuffers


    Christmas is a great time for runners to piece together an outfit that hasn’t been working for them. Below is a good list of last minute “stocking stuffers” that a runner on your shopping list might enjoy. From top to bottom all of these items should be able to fit in a stocking. If you’re like me, while you’re out you’ll get something for yourself!


    Gu’s and Chews $2.00-500 (Every runner could use a few of these.)

    Running Skull Cap $20 (Breathable toque that’s light on most days and comfortable even in the summer.)

    Merino Wool Toque $20-30 (Great for those really cold days, I’ll put it over my Skull Cap.)

    Breathable Sunglasses $50-300 (Helpful to stop your breath from fogging them up on really cold days!)

    Balaclava $10-35 (Covers your kneck and face when it’s freezing out, so you can breathe better and stay warmer.)

    Head Lamp $5-15 (It gets darker faster in the winter, this will light up your route.)

    Base Layer $20-80 (Acts like an extra layer of skin so no cold can get in.)



    Merino wool Layer $50-80 (Lasts a long time, and keeps you extra warm.)

    Flashing Light $2-15 (It’s always better to be seen out there, I’ll like clip on lights. They can clip to most pieces of clothing, even toques!)

    Winter Running Underwear $15-40 (The Wind cover on these makes for a big difference in cold weather, whether you’re male/female)

    Base Pants Layer $40-100 (like long johns, but breathable. These make a massive difference. I’ve noticed my butt stays a lot warmer!)

    Smart Wool Socks! $10-25 (Nothing better than a good warm pair of socks for the winter.)

    Micro Spikes $50-60 (to wear when it’s icy, but not yet snowshoe weather. Great for trail running!)

    These are a few items that should fit in a stocking, and should be staples for any winter runner!


    Here’s to you and a Happy Holiday, enjoy your family!













    1. Great tips for those of us looking for gifts for the runners in our lives! Off to the shops this weekend and will definitely be looking at some of these suggestions.

    2. great suggestions…I hope Santa has not filled your stocking yet as there are a lot of good suggestions for runners. I enjoy reading your blogs as I know all the advice and encouragement you have given fellow runners comes from your heart. Merry Christmas and Happy Running in 2013

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