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    Happy New Year


    For the second year in a row, my husband and I ran the Resolution Run with the kids in the stroller on Friday night. Although I tried to keep up with him pushing the stroller, about five minutes in, all I saw was the back of his sneakers speeding away*.

    I ran my personal best 5k time at the end of a triathlon this summer (25 minutes) and haven’t been able to break it (or even come close, some days) since. Although there was no clock and I started my Nike+ App way too early, I *think* I broke 25 minutes. Steve had his stopwatch going and ran the 5k in 21 minutes. He said there was only a couple of minutes between him crossing and me crossing the finish line. So if it wasn’t 24-something, it was still a really good run.

    My 4 year old was asking me why we run in races and I told her that it’s the fun part of running. It is, really. It’s near impossible to push yourself as hard on a regular run as you do in a race, even a small fun-run. The crowds, the energy, that person in front of you that you lock your eyes on and try to pass… It’s like a reward for the hard work and dreary, sometimes lonely, often difficult solo runs.

    After the race, we came home to a house full of good friends. I put on sparkley things, more makeup than usual and we rang in the New Year. Then the next day we jumped into the Atlantic Ocean with a group of people equally crazy as us fun-loving individuals.

    An unofficial (but likely) PB, a fun time with friends, and a very invigorating and renewing dip to ring in the New Year.

    It’s a time of hope, expectation and potential. Happy New Year to you all, may 2011 bring you the strength to conquer your fears, surpass your goals and see the true beauty inside of you.


    *Not to imply that Steve abandoned me, we never run together. You always see those couples running races together – not us. Never will be. But the upside is that he’s always already at the finish line waiting for me and cheering loudly.