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    Heroes of the Dawn


    No one quite knows what possesses the morning runner to brave the day much before any rooster has even considered peeking out to see the sun.  So while our loved ones scoff at the idea of even leaving their warm, cozy sheets, we put on whatever running clothes we can find in the dark and somehow, miraculously, force ourselves out the door. 

    In my experience: the first few steps are often the worst; especially at this time of year when the snow is melting and the street gutters are even “too tired” to drain – so there I am hopping and skipping sporadically like a crazy person, just to evade the inevitable “water in shoe squish” factor. But no, “This is good for me,” I remind myself.

    Bringing a pet (typically a dog, but if you can get your rabbit, cat or gerbil, etc. to tag along – all the power to you!) can add an extra element of motivation to the run.  I know our dog is a primo sprinter at the start – but they don’t teach endurance training in puppy classes – so by the end I get to go for the win and sprint to the front door.  As a training partner, she’s a good sport about it – taking the loss with a smile and a tail wag. Good dog!
    Then again, if you can find a willing victim, a friend to run with is great- cause let’s face it, Fluffy isn’t all that talkative when it comes to the “let’s complain about running while we run” tactic.

    Lengths can also help you get through it.  They should vary, depending on your schedule and general fitness.  Don’t feel bad though, if at first you can’t seem to last for very long at all. As with all running, the distance takes some dedication.  The more often you go, the easier it will become. Your body and mind may not always agree – but if your heart is in it, you’ll make it as far as you want to.

    I admit, waking up at the butt-crack of dawn isn’t on every runner’s to-do list, but when it comes down to it – for one reason or another – many of us tie up our shoes, pick the sleep out of our eyes and hope that we remembered our house keys …

    Cheers to the morning runners – the unsung heroes of the dawn!

    Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal.  My strength lies solely in my tenacity.
    –Louis Pasteur

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