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    Hey When Did You Get So Smart??


    I’m not sure if you know this or not.  But when you are a teenager, your parents are pretty dumb.  And then a funny thing happens, you get older and suddenly your parents get smarter.   I’m not sure how that happens, but it does.  I know, it happened to me.  My parents went from being the dumbest people on the planet to being pretty darn cool.

    I know they are cool by the company that they keep.  I was reminded today just how cool they are.  I took my dad to our local Chapters.  And he met an old friend today.  As a former bus driver, my dad can’t go anywhere without meeting someone.

    Did Wellington's kids think he was brilliant?
    Did Wellington

    And today was no exception.  But today … wow.  I can’t tell you how cool this man was.  My dad met this man while driving bus.  And this man has done all kinds of really amazing things in his life.  Including playing for the Hamilton Ticats.  Which in itself is cool.  But what really ramped it up on the coolness scale was the book he showed me with his entries for several running championships.

    Scott Tyler holds the masters record for 60 m hurdles.  And he won the title not too long ago.  He is just a bit younger than my dad, but was setting records in his 60’s. 

    I was pleased when he gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever heard.  Mr. Tyler  told me how to beat the plantar fasciitis that has been plaguing me for the last couple months.  But he gave me The Best advice ever.

    He said to me, do you want to be set for when you get to be your dad’s age?  Do cows moo I said?  He said go running.  A mile as often as you can. 

    Wow my dad really is brilliant, isn’t he?

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    A runner for almost two years, Terry recently had the mildly traumatic experience of trying to find a flattering pair of running pants (“Isn’t running about pushing personal boundaries and just getting out there and moving? Except when you don’t look in the least bit like Paula Radcliffe.”). But although she may have been a bit embarrassed by “helpful handsome guy” at the store, she keeps a great perspective through her running experiences. Pushing through a number of injuries early in her running career, she got right back to training for her next race. “The feeling of elation when I crossed the finish line is unimaginable,” says Terry. Sounds like she’s hooked for good!