Training Holiday Gift Guide on the Run: Bushtukah Feature

Holiday Gift Guide on the Run: Bushtukah Feature


Store: Bushtukah

Store Location: Richmond Rd, Ottawa, Ontario

Stephanie Sothcott, In-store Sales Associate

Nathan Peak Hydration Waist Pack

Holiday Running Item Pick: Nathan Peak Hydration waist pack

With no bounce, this has become my go-to hydration waist pack for long training runs when water is a necessity but I don’t want to carry a large hydration pack. The ergo logical bottle holds 18oz of fluid and has an easy to use push-pull cap, which does not leak. In addition, the bottle holder sits on an angle on my back to not only reduce bounce, but to make one-handed access a breeze. The belt hugs my waist as I run. Very cozy! The expandable zippered stretch pocket keeps my house key and gels safe, sound and compressed so they aren’t a bother. If you need a bounce free waist pack option, this is a great choice.

Steph 2

What is your favourite thing about Bushtukah?

I love meeting active people and sharing race stories and experiences with customers. I also love helping to answer people’s questions when they are unsure what to purchase for certain sports (such as winter running). Often the customers come back and tell say ‘thank you’ to me, and that the item works like a gem! It always makes me smile.


How did you come to running? What brought you to the sport?

I came into running after I over-trained during a cycling season. I used to do a lot of road bike racing but needed to mix it up after I lost all desire to ride. I was over the moon when I ran my first 5k non-stop. I recently just completed my first full marathon in Montreal and my 4th 1/2 marathon in Brooklyn, New York. Running can take you to so many amazing cities. I also love that it isn’t as competitive as cycling. If you have a bad day, it doesn’t matter. I love racing against myself and seeing myself improve.

What is your running mantra?

‘The body achieves what the mind believes’.

On many events, my personal success and growth has been from keeping my mind strong and positive.

Stephanie 2

What is your favourite running distance? Why?

My favourite distance has got to be the 1/2 marathon. It is challenging, you need to train for it and devote some time. You can settle into a great pace and still feel strong, satisfied and be happy with the accomplishment at the finish line.

What is your “desert island” running item?

Icebreaker merino wool socks! They always keep my feet happy and blister free. I couldn’t imagine running with different socks.

What is your must-have winter running item?

A buff! I pull mine up over my chin and ears and then pop a hat on. It is easy to pull down if I get too hot. They come in so many fun bright colours (very easy to grow a large collection). You can also make them into a hat, a bandana in the fall and spring to keep the ears warm. I love my buffs!