Mark Sutcliffe: My Running Life How the treadmill has made me more efficient

How the treadmill has made me more efficient


Until recently, I wasn’t a fan of running on a treadmill. I found it boring to be stuck in one place rather than on the move through my neighbourhood. The time passes so slowly that a 30-minute run felt like an hour.

But this winter my step-daughter started taking swimming lessons. Swimming is not a good spectator sport for parents. You don’t get to see much more than a head bobbing up and down in the water for 45 minutes. So I figured I would go down the hall and get in a run at the gym.

Surprisingly, I found it a welcome change from running outside. Part of the pleasure was running in shorts in January. But the televisions were also a welcome distraction (something that didn’t exist in the gym where I ran on a treadmill 10 years ago). The other benefit was that I was making use of a dead spot on my schedule. By running during the swimming lesson, I was opening up an hour earlier in my day when I would have been running.

I’ve started looking forward to swimming-lesson day.