Mark Sutcliffe: My Running Life I have another pair just like it at home

I have another pair just like it at home


I wrote recently about my two-right-feet experience at the gym. But how did I end up with two identical pairs of running shoes in the first place? That’s another tale of running misadventure.

In January, my family headed off for a vacation in Florida. After slogging through winter running for a few weeks, I was desperately looking forward to running on the beach. I bought a new pair of running shoes a few days before the trip and began dreaming of warm weather.

I try to pack light and avoid filling up suitcase with footwear. So my plan was this: pack sandals and wear my running shoes on the plane. But when the taxi arrived early (and parked in our neighbour’s driveway), I tried to keep the driver occupied by bringing out luggage to him. I slipped on my everyday shoes and made a few trips back and forth to the house.

When the rest of my family made it out to the taxi, I locked the house, got in the taxi and we were off to the airport. Halfway there, I realized I was still wearing my regular shoes (the same ones I would later wear on the elliptical) and not my runners.

I considered cabbing it back to my house to get the shoes, but that would have cost the same as a new pair. So, when we got to Florida, I found a cute little running shop and bought a duplicate pair of brand-new shoes, setting in motion a course of events that would lead me to having two right feet at the gym.