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    I Love No Running Rules Rules


    Football fans (soccer in North America) will have to forgive my laissez faire attitude when it comes to football.  But I figured out why I like running so much. 

    I decided that since I was going to England, I should do what British people do.  So I started watching Coronation Street.  And love it.  I was fortunate enough to find a magazine while I was there that had stuff coming up on Coronation Street.  And since we are about a year behind here in Canada, boy will I ever be prepared.

    Kids playing football in Kensington Palace Park
    Kids playing football in Kensington Palace Park

    And with the very first hotel I stayed in being right beside the Chelsea Football pitch, I decided to give football a try too.  I almost bought the Gazelle a Chelsea football shirt.  But didn’t.

    But it was while watching the game between Liverpool and Arsenal that I figured out why I LOVE running.  No rules. 

    Ok, some rules.  Like you have to start and stop at the line.  Oh and you can’t take a cab when you are doing the Boston Marathon, unless you want to be disqualified.

    But other than that.  Those are the rules.  I can run as many times a week as I want to and no one is going to point out the rule that says I have to run 3.957 times a week.

    Runners in Hyde Park
    Runners in Hyde Park

    And there is no rule that says I can’t enjoy the scenery when I’m running.  I’ve said it before, but what an experience running in Hyde Park.

    And my favourite non-rule.  I can make friends where ever there are runners gathered.

    Oh and for the record the Liverpool and Arsenal game ended in a draw.  Who knew there were even special football words.  I always thought it was a tie. Excuse me while I go work on a fartlek.

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    A runner for almost two years, Terry recently had the mildly traumatic experience of trying to find a flattering pair of running pants (“Isn’t running about pushing personal boundaries and just getting out there and moving? Except when you don’t look in the least bit like Paula Radcliffe.”). But although she may have been a bit embarrassed by “helpful handsome guy” at the store, she keeps a great perspective through her running experiences. Pushing through a number of injuries early in her running career, she got right back to training for her next race. “The feeling of elation when I crossed the finish line is unimaginable,” says Terry. Sounds like she’s hooked for good!