Training i #RunLikeAGirl

i #RunLikeAGirl


At some point or another, you’ve heard it.

You may have even said it yourself.

“You run like a girl,” or some other variation of this phrase, is all too commonly tossed around the playgrounds, athletic fields and locker rooms. It’s no wonder that in a new research survey sponsored by Always, the leader in global feminine care, less than 20 percent of girls have a positive association with the phrase “like a girl” and nearly 60 percent of girls surveyed want to see a change in that perception.

In follow up to the survey findings, the brand teamed up with documentarian Lauren Greenfield, to find out how individuals of all ages interpret the phrase “like a girl.” The result, the Like A Girl campaign video, a part of which was aired during Super Bowl Sunday.

Although the campaign has been running since last summer, under the spotlight of the Super Bowl, the Like A Girl not only gained momentum with a wider audience, but it has also ignited a social media frenzy. Twenty-four hours later, nearly everyone from elite runners to everyday athletes to non-runners are continuing the social media conversation in particular on Twitter, aiming to reposition what it means to run  (or do anything) like a girl.

With speed, strength, power and energy, these are some of the ways we run like a girl. Tell us, what does running like a girl mean to you?


  1. Running to the best of your ability with your perseverance, audacity, courage to make a difference not only in your life but in the eyes of other girls and women!

  2. I have been running like a girl all my life! I AM A GIRL who has run 2 marathons, more than a dozen half-marathons, lots and lots of 10k’s & 5k’s!!! Running like a girl has worked for me!!!! My advice – KEEP RUNNING LIKE A GIRL! – I will and I’m 57!!!

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