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    I’m Not Older Than Boston, Really

    Where it all began

    I’m not really sure if I want to wear a shirt that proudly proclaims “Older than Boston.”  Will people get confused and think I am older than Boston?  After all when my son was five years old, he once asked me if I had seen dinosaurs when I was a little girl. 

    But people in the running community in and around Hamilton know that “Older Than Boston” is a source of pride for us.  The Around the Bay road race is officially older than Boston.  And we even have our very own version of Heartbreak Hill.

    I am really packing on training miles now.  Trying to get ready for the Bay.  It got me thinking about where it all began for me.  The running that is. 

    The little bio at the start of my blog says I have been running two years.  Unoffically, it has been almost three, but I was sidelined for seven months with an injury that even the most seasoned of runners cringe at.  That is a whole blog in itself.

    Where it all began for me.
    Where it all began for me.

    It started when I joined a running clinic at the Runners Den here in Hamilton.  And met the most amazing lady ever.  Her positivity is catchy if that is a word.  And she lights a room when she walks into it.  She has helped me and countless other runners to learn to run.  And to believe that we can achive any goal we set our minds to.  She will be there to watch “her” runners come in.

    This will be the third Bay I’ve run in.  The first two I ran a 5 k.  This time around, the Gazelle and I will be running with another lady in the three person relay.  We will get an Older Than Boston shirt. 

    And maybe I’ll even wear it.  Just once.  Only around my running friends.

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    A runner for almost two years, Terry recently had the mildly traumatic experience of trying to find a flattering pair of running pants (“Isn’t running about pushing personal boundaries and just getting out there and moving? Except when you don’t look in the least bit like Paula Radcliffe.”). But although she may have been a bit embarrassed by “helpful handsome guy” at the store, she keeps a great perspective through her running experiences. Pushing through a number of injuries early in her running career, she got right back to training for her next race. “The feeling of elation when I crossed the finish line is unimaginable,” says Terry. Sounds like she’s hooked for good!