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    iRun so I don’t have to tell another patient that he has cancer… and it could have been prevented


    The following is a guest post.


    Hello. My name is Ian and I am a gastroenterologist or “bum” doctor. I’m the kind of doctor you see when you are over 50 or if you have a family history of colorectal cancer, to get a colonoscopy. During this procedure, I look for abnormalities in the colon called polyps- which are growths that could lead to colorectal cancer, if not removed.  

    Unfortunately, I diagnose colorectal cancer in somebody new every month. But even more unfortunate – 95% of these cases could have been prevented had the guidelines for screening and prevention been followed.

    Two of my grandparents had colorectal cancer. My grandmother was one of five children, and four of them had colorectal cancer. My parents, uncles and sister all had colonoscopies which identified polyps, which were consequently removed.

    I founded the Bum Rum, a not-for-profit organization, to increase awareness in screening and prevention of colorectal cancer. As a physician and a father, my hope is that I don’t have to let yet another person know that he has colorectal and that my daughter will not be afraid that she will get the same disease as her great-grandparents. Ontario does not have to have the highest rates of colorectal cancer in the world. In 95% of people who identify the early signs of colorectal cancer, they are totally cured.

    This year the Bum Run is holding its first event – a 5 km walk/run on August 26th starting at Queen’s Park Circle.  All proceeds go to Colon Cancer Canada. We want this event to be highly visible – right in the heart of Toronto – so that we can increase awareness of colorectal cancer screening and prevention.

    We encourage runners to join this event. It is a flat, looped and timed course, with km markers and prizes for overall and age-category winners. This is an opportunity to show your support for colorectal cancer prevention and push your body to its limits on this PB course.

    Families are also welcome. Children under age 12 can participate free of charge.  All participants that cross the finish line- whether running or walking- will get a finisher’s medal.

    Increase awareness of colorectal cancer screening and prevention. Help decrease rates of colorectal cancer deaths.

    Go to to register and for more information.


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