Marathon Mom It Won’t Be Pretty, But I’ll Give It My All

It Won’t Be Pretty, But I’ll Give It My All


Krista DuChene reports from the road of her marathon comeback.

Today is our children’s first day back to school. Back in late July and early August when I was injured and only cross-training, I knew that if I was fairly consistently running by the beginning of school I would have a decent chance at completing the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (STWM). But I also knew I would have a lot of quality work to do with no room for setbacks. Marathon day is Oct. 22, which is six weeks and five days away. Believe me, every day I know how much time I have left. I’m continuing to train for approximately two hours and 40 minutes, six days per week, with the majority of my workload still coming from the elliptical, pool and bike. The running kilometres are coming along and I am pleased with some of my initial workouts, but I must remain patient, every day.

I have been known to run a half-marathon at goal marathon pace one month before racing. If all goes smoothly, I can usually gain significant fitness in about four weeks. But I’m not expecting anything overly fantastic, rather “decent” is the word I’m using. On Sept. 17, I plan to compete in the Army Run half-marathon. It won’t be pretty, but I’ll give it my all. My goal between now and then is to stick to coach Dave’s plan with continued 100% trust while safely transitioning from soft to harder running surfaces. I completely realize that I may have to throw in the towel and call it a season if there is any sort of glitch, but I’m certainly not afraid to put my head down and get the ugly work done if that’s all it takes. It’s incredible how you can log hours of cross-training and feel in OK shape, but go for a simple run and feel gassed! But like I said in my “What I’ve Learned Running Marathons” in the recently published iRun magazine: “I’ve never been more motivated than during a return to running after an injury or pregnancy.”

I can’t help but repeat how excited I am to be attending the Canada Army Run. Not only will I be able to test my fitness in our nation’s capital, but also learn so much more about the people involved in this incredible weekend. As the website states: “Since 2008, through proceeds and the fundraising efforts of participants, Canada Army Run has contributed more than $2 million to Soldier On and the Support Our Troops fund for programs that help ill and injured soldiers and military families in need. On behalf of our men and women in uniform – who do so much to keep us safe at home and abroad – THANK YOU!”

Wow, what an amazing fundraising outcome for an even more amazing cause. As part of the Canada Army Run’s 10th anniversary, the hope is to make it the largest contribution ever this year. I’m so honoured to be part of this. Hope to see some of you there!