Nutrition “It’s very drinkable and I’d recommend this product.” Runners Respond to Genuine...

“It’s very drinkable and I’d recommend this product.” Runners Respond to Genuine Health


The other week I was proud to host an event with my daughter at Healthy Planet to introduce Genuine Health Greens+ Extra Energy, in chocolate and vanilla flavours, and their Enhanced Hydration Electrolytes + Botanicals.

Alongside the great Joycelyne Lai, education manager at Genuine Health with years of nutrition experience, we wanted to hear what runners thought of the goods. The result? Satisfied runners.

“I’ve tried other green drinks before and they were hard to drink because they tasted like seaweed,” said Ivy Banks. “The vanilla flavoured Greens + energy drink was surprisingly good. I started off with a smaller scoop to test the waters so the vanilla flavour was light, but the taste got better with a full scoop. It’s very drinkable and I would recommend this product.” 

There’s nothing better than the community coming together to try new things and nothing better than an all-natural company like Genuine Health sincerely eager for runner’s feedback. It was hot on our night in Etobicoke, and the runners appreciated the Enhanced Hydration.

“I generally take it with water first thing in the morning and feel energetic the whole day,” said Sudip Bhura, echoing something Lai told us when we first introduced the Enhanced Hydration Electrolytes + Botanicals product to readers.  “It’s a great coffee replacement and also works well pre-workout, because it gives you all-day sustainable energy without that crash,” she said. “Runners get their antioxidants from the greens and the phytonutrients, natural plant-based compounds that help ensure you feel great all day.”

In total, more than 40 runners came out and many, like myself and Sudip, brought our whole families. Indeed, we encourage all members of our community to keep their eyes open for our next big pop-up event with Genuine Health, which combines natural ingredients to work synergistically cutting down on the amount of the product a runner needs to consume.

“Merging Eastern practices with modern learnings ensure we fill in nutrition gaps,” said Joycelyne Lai, and the runners at Healthy Planet appreciated their effort.

“The Green + chocolate sampler I tried was so good and I  absolutely would recommend this product to everyone I know,” said Diane Bellows. “My daughter-in-law raved about this product so i gave my sample to her to enjoy.”
The weather is hot as everyone knows who worked out last night or plans on working out again this weekend. It’s a good time to experiment with hydration. I have a few more samples of both Greens+ Extra Energy, in chocolate and vanilla, and Enhanced Hydration Electrolytes + Botanicals.
If you’re interested in sampling, leave a note in the comments and I’ll be in touch.
For more information on Genuine Health, please click here, and Healthy Planet, click here.


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