Music Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo plays your playlists, picks his favourite

    Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo plays your playlists, picks his favourite



    Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy is a lot of things: an 11-time Juno award-winner, member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, and a lifetime runner, who met his wife while out on a run.

    “I was on the track stretching and this woman ran by me with this unbelievable rosy glow and I was smitten and smiled,” Cuddy says.

    In the next issue of iRun, Cuddy will be our featured musician and now’s your chance to have your Blue Rodeo-influenced playlist appear alongside his story. The tunes don’t have to all be by Jim Cuddy—he loves running to Hayden—but it’d be nice if you gave the man and his band some air time.

    Contest starts now. Ends Friday at 3 p.m. when we send all of the playlists to Jim to run to over the weekend in Calgary at the Juno Awards. Good luck!

    The winner will be announced Thursday April 7 in the afternoon.


    1. Run Playlist
      1. Back When We Had Nothing – Banners
      2. I’m Yours – Alessia Cara
      3. Are You Ready – Blue Rodeo
      4. You Belong to Me – Bryan Adams
      5. That Sweater – Scott Helman
      6. Stiches – Shawn Mendes
      7. America’s Sweetheart – Elle King
      8. Lay Your Hands on Me – Dolly Parton
      9. When The World Breaks – Marc Scibilia
      10. New Morning Sun – Blue Rodeo
      11. It’s All Going to Pot – Willie Nelson & Merle Haggart
      12. The Park Avenue Sobriety Test – Joel Plaskett
      13. 1975 (Wish I Was There) – James Fox Higgins
      14. Youth – Troye Sivan
      15. Need Your Love – Sol feat. Ray Dalton
      16. Kiss The Sky – The Knocks feat. Wyclef Jean
      17. Brand New – Ben Rector
      18. I Don’t Want to Break Your Heart – Cœur de pirate feat. Allan Kingdom
      19. Spirits – The Strumbellas
      20. Skyscraper Soul – Jim Cuddy

    2. Songs to get you moving!
      Going Downhill Fast, and Tonight We Fly by The Divine Comedy
      Arizona Dust and Till I Am Myself Again, and Better Off As We Are by Blue Rodeo
      If Venice Is Sinking, Spirit of the West
      anything by Whisky Trench Riders!

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