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    It was bitterly cold this morning. And I was planning on running 10k.

    I don’t mind winter running, I really don’t, but lately? I don’t know. I don’t mind the cold, I don’t mind the layers,I don’t even really mind the mucky/icy sidewalks. But weeks and weeks of all three? Well, I find myself biting my tongue harder and harder so as not to complain.

    But before I hit 1k today, I had to take off my balaclava. Which was weird, since the wind chill was apparently -25C. But the sun? The sun was warm you guys, warm.

    Mostly, right now it feels like winter will never, ever, ever end (as it always does mid-February). But every once in a while, I’m reminded that soon, it will be March. And soon the snow will melt to slush.

    The snowbanks may be too high to see around the corner, but I swear spring is there. Waiting, hiding even. But I felt it today. In that warm, wonderful, beautiful sunshine.


    1. Your whole first paragraph really resonated with me. I love winter running, I really do! But I am really finding it tedious this year – I can’t explain it. I have never struggled so much with it as I have this year.

      But, I can already feel the tip of spring poking through – sure, I am an undying optimist, but the feeling first hit me about a week and a half ago – there was a windchill of -20, but the way the sun was hitting the snow, and just something in the air…

      I have hope again! 😉

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