Training Keep Your Guard Up

Keep Your Guard Up


Safety is always top of mind when running, but it’s really become even more at the forefront of many female runners’ minds when three women runners in the U.S. were killed in the span of nine days this past summer.

By: Karen Kwan

It’s always smart to change up your route and let someone know where you’re going; those are guidelines we try to follow. We also have been testing out GoGuarded. Jodi Fisher has been selling this self-defense product about one year. The ring features a plastic serrated edge and comes in three colours (black, magenta or blue) and four sizers.

The ring is comfortable to wear (although it’s slightly less convenient to wear with winter gloves on now but thanks to the sizers, it is possible to wear over gloves) and I think it definitely has an advantage over carrying pepper spray since if you are attacked during a run, you won’t have time to get pepper spray out of your fuel belt or backpack, whereas with the ring on, you’ll have it ready to defend yourself. For $15.99 U.S., it seems a small price to pay for a tool that may help save your life.

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