No Category selected Kim Hamill gives the GOrun Ride a good workout

    Kim Hamill gives the GOrun Ride a good workout


    “iRun because I am healthy and able to do so” ~ Kim Hamill

    The following is a guest post by Kim Hamill.


    Pros:  I like the weight of the shoe, it is lightweight and feels airy on my feet while providing cushioning through my mid-foot.  There is plenty of room in the toe box for my feet to move and breathe

    Cons: While I found the toebox provided lots of room, I felt the heel felt tight, almost like the shoe tapered through the midsole to the back.  I also did not like that there was no support through the back of the heel.

    Overall review: I used my GORun Rides for a variety of runs, short distances, longer distances and through both snow and dry weather.  I am switching from a more minimal shoe where I had too little support, and found that this shoe while still extremely light, forced me to strike mid-foot, and provided lots of cushioning through the balls of my feet. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for the feel of a lightweight shoe, yet still wanting some comfort and cushioning.  I will definitely continue to use them for my upcoming half marathon training.

    About Kim Hamill:

    My running journey began back in 2006, on a challenge from a friend, and I have not stopped since.  I have run all distances from the 5k to the Chicago Marathon in 2011, throwing in different athletic challenges along the way including a sprint triathlon.  Running ignited a passion in me for all types of fitness and last year I became a certified personal trainer.

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