at the races Krista DuChene’s 10 Tips for the Boston Marathon

Krista DuChene’s 10 Tips for the Boston Marathon


In 2018, Krista DuChene finished third female at the Boston Marathon, thirteen years after first attempting the race as an amateur athlete. Today, DuChene, Olympian, is a registered dietitian and ultramarathon runner preparing for the New York City marathon. In advance of this Monday’s in-person Boston Marathon, DuChene jotted down her ten best tips (and, for everyone not racing Boston but who may be racing sometime soon, lots of these too are applicable). Here’s a Top 10 from the Great Krista DuChene.

10. Respect the downhills as much as the uphills. Your quads will thank you when you need them most – at the end. When training for Boston, I’ve often run steady on the uphills and hard on the downhills to prepare for this. 

9. Don’t get carried away with the excitement (and downhill) at the beginning. Control your emotions and pace yourself. I remember running beside Shalane Flanagan in the beginning of 2018, thinking I didn’t belong. The pace was slow and I felt comfortable so I trusted myself.  

8. Focus on the Citgo sign. You will get there … but still have a ways to go. I find it helpful to focus on something ahead, or break the race down into sections.

7. Injury or illness affect your training? Just go and enjoy a fun jog!

6. Be prepared for the weather. Remember, Des Linden won in a jacket.

5. The race starts at the hills. The race starts at the hills. The race starts at the hills.

4. Visualize. Have a mantra. Save the thinking for the tough part of the race. 

3. Trust yourself. Take a look at your training log to see the good work you’ve accomplished.

2. Have no regrets.

When you get into the shower after you’ve returned to your hotel, what will you tell yourself? This is when I often reflect on the race. 

1. Smile and celebrate as you cross the finish line, no matter what. I had no idea I was third in 2018, but celebrated anyway. I’m very glad I did!


  1. Not a word of a lie. Loved every minute of my 5 Bostons. Even in the miserable cold 2007 & 2015 and the heat of 2012.

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