Marathon Mom Krista DuChene’s New York Diary: 3 Days, 1 Race, 1 Field Trip

Krista DuChene’s New York Diary: 3 Days, 1 Race, 1 Field Trip


Yesterday, Krista DuChene competed against 8,000 women in New York’s Central Park at the New York Road Runner’s #mini10K. What’s it like to spend a weekend in Krista’s Sauconys? We asked her to keep a diary, and she told us everything—except her finishing time and place, which was 35:50, eighteenth place, and less than 40 seconds behind Des Linden. DuChene will next lace up this Saturday in Toronto at the Waterfront 10K (and then take a little break).

6:45 am: up without alarm, breakfast and coffee, prepare kids’ breakfasts and lunches
7:20 am: drive son to school for field trip
8:12 am: drop other two kids off at school, 30 minute pool run, easy 25K trail run, purchase and put away groceries
1:00 pm: lunch, shower, nap, computer work
2:20 pm: volunteer at kids’ school
3:30 pm: help with kids’ after-school routine of homework and emptying out back backs, dinner prep
5:30 pm: dinner, unusual activity-free evening, household chores, assist daughter with piano practice
7:30 pm: quality time with daughter—painting our nails together and reading books after her tub
9:20 pm: goodbyes to family, to bed early for an early start in the morning

4:20 am: up with the first alarm, peek at each sleeping child, tip-toe around the house
4:34 am: laundry, coffee, check messages
4:48 am: 8K run with 4 x 2 minute pick ups
5:37 am: dishes, kids’ lunches, eat oatmeal and drink green smoothie (use blender in garage to avoid waking others), shower, pack last few items
6:37 am: drive to airport with coffee
10:10 am: board flight, resisting coffee in order to nap on plane on route to NYC
12:08 pm: Uber to Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, check in
1:51 pm: lunch with other athletes and guests in hospitality suite, signing in
2:45 pm: settle into room, have short nap, text hubby and kids, respond to messages
5:45 pm: head to lobby to walk to speaking event with fellow 2018 Boston podium finishers, Des and Sarah, and New York Road Runners (NYRR) crew
6:30 pm: Q&A speaking event with ESPN, NYRR, and over 200 people in attendance
7:45 pm: sushi dinner with Des, Sarah, and NYRR team members
9:00 pm: back at hotel for anti-doping whereabouts

8:00 am: easy 8K run in Central Park with Sarah Sellers and USA Olympian Carrie Tollefson
9:30 am: breakfast
10:30 am: shower, rest, check messages
12:30 pm: lunch
1:30 pm: massage
2:30 pm: USADA information session
4:00 pm: technical meeting
5:30 pm: walk to Whole Foods for dinner
8:05 pm: welcome sister to NYC
9:30 pm: bed

4:30 am: first alarm
5:15 am: breakfast
6:42 am: walk to Central Park for race
7:10 am: 20 min warm up with other pro women
8:00 am: start historic Mini 10 km race with 8,000 other women
9:00 am: 30 min cool down run with other pro women while looking for my sister’s finish, enjoying race atmosphere
11:00 am: back to hotel to shower and change
12:30 pm: lunch with pro women and their family/agents and NYRR crew at Becco Ristorante in the Theatre District
3:00 pm: tour NYC with my sister
9:15 pm: Ray’s pizza, shower, pyjamas, and back in air conditioning at the Sheraton