Latest Running Trend: Crunning



    There’s a new running craze taking over the fitness world: crunning.

    This new running phenomenon combines running and crawling – and looks as crazy as you’d imagine. Shaun McCarthy form Melbourne, Australia is the mastermind behind the term, claiming that it will be a game-changer in the fitness world. McCarthy started the movement five weeks ago, stating that with the rise of the Cross Fit movement, people are more open to try unconventional types of exercise. McCarthy claims that crunning far exceeds the benefits of running as it puts more emphasis on the upper body compared to traditional running moves.


    But is it a hoax?

    Any exercise that involves the entire body is an opportunity to develop a lot of strength. So long as you are practicing proper “form” there don’t appear to be any notable safety risks. That being said, it is highly recommended that you wear gloves to protect your hands, since your hands are exposed to the all the elements – concrete, grass, dirt, etc.

    Will this trend stick around? Who knows! We’ve seen crazier approaches of getting into shape and I’m sure this wont be the last!

    Find the “Crunning Movement” Facebook page:

    Check out McCarthy’s YouTube video showing us how it’s done:

    What do you think? Is this just a fad? Would you consider trying it out yourself?