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    Laurie’s Tantalizing Tidbits for Success


    Hello Fellow Runners and Welcome to My Blog…

    … I had a goal… my 40th birthday was fast approaching and i wanted to run a marathon; i was active, biked year round, played fastball, was an inline skater… how hard could it be? I just had to start running, train, ask a few questions here and there and then just do it… There was just a small glitch in my plan… i hated running… i got stitches within minutes and i found it rather boring… oh yah, and i didn’t know what i was doing…

    So i decided to take a clinic with the Running Room, and although i was sure i could handle a marathon clinic, it was suggested that i first LEARN TO RUN… Thank you Liz Britton, you saved my life AND my GOAL with that critical decision… I took the Learn to Run clinic with my best friend and i was amazed at how difficult it was to run for one minute straight… i thought i was in shape… so to those that are starting from the couch or starting off from walking, I bow before you, i want to shake your hand because I realized this was not for the weak of mind, it was sport specific and we were all starting this challenge together. 

    From my own experience I can say that you are going to be in for the ride of you life… you will meet with physical demands like none before, you will wonder why you ever started and may even want to quit… you will think about giving up and slap yourself up side the head for ever imagining that this might be FUN… you may never want to return to another running path as long as you live… BUT YOU WILL AND YOU MUST… you cannot even imagine how gratifying, rewarding and exhilarating it is to cross the finish line no matter how long or how short the race might be… YOU WILL SURVIVE and you will find a world that will take you away from the every day chaos of life… give yourself this opportunity… it isn’t about the TIME it takes you… it is about taking the time FOR YOU…it is about crossing the finish line with a smile no one can ever take away!!

    Let me help take you there… What a fun journey it will be…

    Check my blog on a regular basis because once you hear about all the stupid and eye rolling things i have done along my own training you will realize how amazing you really are and wonder how i have been given this opportunity to give you advice… And of course be thankful that I have made these blunders before you… and you will learn through my mistakes never having to suffer the consequences I have endured!

    I end this introduction to my blog with two things; TOTB (Tip of the Blog will offer small tidbits of info that will make your running adventures more rewarding) and BOTB (Blunder of the Blog: interesting “incidents” that have occurred to my “friends” that will offer valuable tips for you to consider or avoid…)

    TOTB: Drink water!! not easy, not particularly yummy, but your body will love you for it, and your runs will be that much more successfully completed…

    BOTB: Try to remember what you ate BEFORE your long runs because it could lead to other types of RUNS during the run, which will decrease your ability to continue your run on account of the runs… then try to avoid that next time instead of EATING IT AGAIN in guess it was just a mistake and really wasn’t the cause… and just in case you do eat it twice, pack some TP for the trip!! My “friends” have the best stories ever!

    Live Your LIfe With No Regrets…
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    Bringing her refreshing, prairie perspective to the blog scene, this self-described “farm girl from Saskatchewan” is now living in Edmonton and training for a marathon in Berlin, amongst other very ambitious goals. Her upbeat tempo caught our attention (“I love to motivate others to TRY”), as did her “TOTBs,” otherwise known as “Tip of this Blog.” Laurie’s helpful hints include real-life, girl advice you can’t afford to miss (“If you are doing winter running and you are going to be running early, be sure to put your mascara on AFTER your run!”). Because hey – you’ve got to look good when you’re out there!